The Dark Phoenix Returns With Iron Studios Deluxe Statue

Jean Grey can never catch a break in the Marvel Comics of her origin, whether it be her sacrificing her life for her friends over and over again or turning evil when possessed by a cosmic being of immense power. The latter did make for an iconic storyline called The Dark Phoenix Saga, which has been adapted into everything from the cartoons to the films (twice!). Iron Studios has decided to pay tribute to the infamous tale with their latest installment in the X-Men/Sentinel series of 1:10 scale statues, the Dark Phoenix herself, available for preorder now!

Let’s make this abundantly clear: this is a beautiful statue. The amount of detail that the sculptors and painters over at Iron Studios have given to this amazing rendition of Jean Grey and her fiery avatar of rebirth is astounding. The overall height of the statue is a whopping 19-inches tall and the width is an equally-impressive 16.5-inches wide. This is one statue with quite the footprint in the display, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

While the Phoenix Force itself, in all it’s fiery splendor, certainly steals the show, the figure of Jean Grey herself is nothing to sneer at. Everything from her levitating red hair to the vibrant red and gold of her costume is perfection. She’s so good, that a version of the statue without the Phoenix bird can be purchased as well, giving Jean her own room to shine. 

The Iron Studios Dark Phoenix 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statue, in both a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition, is available for preorder now and both are slated to be released in Q1, 2023. 

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