Iron Studios Goes Back To The Future… Again, With 1:10 Art Scale Delorean III

The Delorean Time Machine from the Back to the Future franchise has been receiving a lot of attention recently. The 1980s-era dream ride has been tuning up aplenty in the collectibles market, from a version that turns into a Transformer to a Sixth Scale version that can actually fit other 1:6th scale figures inside of it. Iron Studios has announced that they’re joining the party with their own 1:10 scale version, this time based on the Delorean’s third iteration from Back to the Future Part III. Not only is the vehicle up for preorder, but so are Marty and Doc from the sequel as well!

Admittedly, the third installment in the Back to the Future series of movies is my least favorite. That said, I have always been a fan of the design of this take on the Delorean, which mixes elements of an Old Western locomotive with the otherwise very 80s vehicle. The resultant combination is a hybrid that I really enjoy looking at. Iron Studios has done an excellent job recreating it, as well as adding some bells and whistles to the piece with a beautiful base and paint job. 

Not to be forgotten, both Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown are also getting wonderfully-crafted statues from Iron Studios. The pair are also based on their appearances in the third Back to the Future and both come with matching bases that will combine near-seamlessly with that of the Delorean III! You obviously don’t need to buy all three, but let’s not kid ourselves here. Of course we’re buying all three!

The Iron Studios Back to the Future Part III – Delorean III 1:10 Art Scale Statue, along with both the Iron Studios Back to the Future Part III – Marty McFly 1:10 Art Scale Statue and the Iron Studios Back to the Future Part III – Doc Brown 1:10 Art Scale Statue, are all available for preorder now and are all slated for release sometime in Q4, 2022. 

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