EXO-6 Gives Star Trek Fans The Captain’s Chair For The Enterprise-E

EXO-6 has revealed the latest installment in their Star Trek series of Sixth Scale collectibles and it’s an exciting one. The company has already been knocking it out of the park with their figures of some of the franchise’s most iconic characters and now, they’re producing iconic accessories as well. The Captain’s Chair from fan-favorite Star Trek film, First Contact, is available for preorder now. 

I absolutely love Sixth Scale replicas of props, whether it be a chair or throne or vehicle. There are some absolutely legendary props from films and television and the Captain’s Chair of the Enterprise is definitely one. While any version of this chair would be most welcome, the iteration from Star Trek: First Contact is an excellent choice. First Contact is probably the best Trek film to date, so this has me very excited. 

I love everything EXO-6 is doing with the Star Trek license. Their choice of characters, showing their dedication to exploring the entire franchise, has been stellar. Now, with the preorder for this Captain’s Chair, I can’t wait to see where else they go with these 1:6 scale props. Perhaps we can look forward to a complete collection of Captain’s Chairs? I can’t wait. 

The EXO-6 Star Trek: First Contact – Enterprise E Captain’s Chair Sixth Scale Prop Replica is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q3 -Q4, 2022. 

Sideshow and EXO-6 present its first environmental display diorama replica with the Captain’s Chair from the Enterprise-E. As seen in Star Trek: First Contact, this authentic sixth scale prop piece recreates the bridge command chair in extreme detail.

Captain Picard’s seat of power has been accurately recreated with the best reference available. The back and seat are molded in foam to replicate the look and feel of an upholstered chair. The armrests have simulated control panels that light up with a layout taken from Michael Okuda’s original art from First Contact, based on Tom Mahoney’s LCARS button designs. The base also lights up as it did in the film.

Not only are there lights but the Enterprise-E Captain’s Chair Prop Replica features various sounds and phrases from the film. The USB-C port in the base powers the chair with an included cable that you can plug into any USB power supply such as a computer or a wall socket adaptor (not included).

Display this classic movie set piece with the EXO-6 1:6th scale Captain Picard figure from Star Trek: First Contact or on its own – it is an instantly recognizable collectible that will be the perfect desk display for any discerning Star Trek fan.

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