Moon Knight Is Here To Claim Vengeance With New Iron Studios Art Scale Statue

The latest Disney+ Marvel Studios series, Moon Knight, seems to be a hit. The first episode premiered recently to much acclaim and fans are clamoring for Moon Knight collectibles. While they’ll certainly be plenty for them to pick from, Iron Studios is the first out of the gate with their just-announced 1:10 Art Scale statue of the hero. This latest piece is available for preorder now and it captures Mr. Knight wonderfully. 

The artists over at Iron Studios have a lot to work with here. While the original comic book interpretation of Moon Knight was basically an all-white jumpsuit and cape, this new iteration of the hero has a much more elaborate design to his costume. Leaning heavily into the Egyptian lore of the character’s inspiration, this new outfit is filled with mummy-style wrappings, crescent-shaped sigils and various textures. Iron Studios looks to have captured these elements perfectly, making this statue a joy to look at. 

The rooftop base included is a nice addition. Not only does it raise the height of the overall statue, which helps with these smaller 1:10 scale pieces, but it adds a bit of a diorama to the scene. The combination makes this an exciting collectible to grab for both Moon Knight fans and  MCU fans. 

The Iron Studios Moon Knight 1:10 Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q1, 2023. 

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