Prime 1 Studio Gives Batman Vs. Joker Fans The Only Statue They’ll Ever Need

Prime 1 Studio has teamed up with comic book artist Jason Fabok once again in order to bring collectors an iconic representation of the battle between the Batman and the Joker. Crafted in an impressive 1:3 scale, this latest entry in the Ultimate Museum Masterline series is available for preorder now!

Collectors often talk about “grails”, meaning that one special collectible piece that they either dream of owning or wish existed. Looking at this Batman versus Joker statue, I have to imagine this is definitely a “grail” for many a Batman fan.

The design and sculpt of both figures is straight out of the comic books, which is apt considering Fabok being the designer and a comic book penciller himself. 

Batman’s cape billowing behind him as the Joker falls into a vat of green chemicals, firing a “Bang!” Flag out of the pistol barrel, is perfection. Every element of this statue, from minor to major, encapsulates everything about this decades-long war between good and evil. 

Sure, this is an exceptionally large and expensive piece, but I would make the argument that it would be money well-spent since this could arguably be the only Batman collectible one would ever need in their collection. I’m sorely tempted to grab this one!

The Prime 1 Studio Ultimate Museum Masterline Batman Vs The Joker (Concept by Jason Fabok) Deluxe Version 1:3 Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q1 – Q2, 2023. 

“All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive into a lunatic. That’s how far the world is from where I am…Just one bad day.”– The Joker to Batman

Prime 1 Studio is pleased to announce the latest masterwork of collaboration with legendary comic book artist Jason Fabok for our Ultimate Museum Masterline Series: The 1:3 Scale Batman vs. The Joker!

With its design, conceived by Jason Fabok, and expertly executed by Prime 1 Studio, Batman vs. The Joker is the ultimate fight brought to life between Good & Evil, Order & Chaos, Reason & Insanity!

Our talented and dedicated artists have devoted their time and efforts to create this legendary match-up. Batman’s iconic look has been recreated and no detail of his costume has been left to chance. His perfect physique has been rendered with anatomical precision. His cowl, cape, gloves, and boots have been imbued with a leather-like texture. His eyes and facial expression exhibit a deep, but focused rage. His scalloped cape billows with the rushing wind as damage have been strategically added to elicit a battle-worn look. His fabled suit is completed by his finned gloves and famed utility belt.

The Joker is not to be outdone! Falling backward into a toxic vat of death, The Joker is still dapper as ever in his classic purple ensemble, wingtip shoes, and bolo tie. Hardly his first time in a chemical bath, The Joker seems the least bit concerned as he flashes Batman his trademark ghoulish smile and trains his signature long-barreled revolver on Batman’s scowl!

And speaking of scowls, the Deluxe Version includes two additional swappable heads…one each for Batman and The Joker, to expand the emotional storytelling!

Batman and The Joker have been at odds before, but never has it been more dangerous than this moment: unfolding over an unbelievably involved base. With caustic steam billowing from its scorching hot pipes, this dangerous chemical factory is further jeopardized by a large amount of dynamite… and The Joker has the detonator! Has the Dark Knight Detective miscalculated? Or is this classic confrontation headed for an explosive conclusion? 

Whether you are a fan of Batman, The Joker or Jason Fabok, this is one piece you won’t want to miss!

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