Purgatori Terrifies And Tantalizes in 1:3 Scale Thanks To PCS Collectibles

PCS Collectibles is bringing to life one of the most popular independent comic book characters of the last 25 years. Comic book horror icon Purgatori is getting the 1:3 scale treatment and she looks absolutely beautiful. The terrifyingly sultry statue is available for preorder now and will make an epic addition to anyone’s horror collection. 

As impressive as Purgatori’s other, er, assets are, let’s first discuss that amazing wingspan! The vampire queen’s wings will measure a whopping 33.5 inches wide! Combined with her already considerable height at just under 34 inches tall, this piece is going to certainly be something to wow your visitors just based on size alone.

The sculpting and paint work combine to create one absolutely stunning representation of the character. The deep reds used on her skin and wings, contrasted with the glossy black of her bikini and thigh-high boots, pops. 

I particularly love the graveyard diorama base she’s straddling, which just adds even more to the horror vibe of the entire piece. As if you didn’t already know this lady was bad news with one look at her demonic appearance, the skeleton rising from the grave will clue you in!

The PCS Collectibles Purgatori 1:3 Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q2 – Q3, 2023.


“I shall savor your destruction. I am your living hell! Call me Purgatori!”

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Purgatori 1:3 Scale Statue, a devilish addition to any display of Dynamite collectibles.

This is one hell of a statue! Purgatori measures a showstopping 33.25” tall and 33.5” wide with her demonic wings outstretched over a graveyard scene. The vampire goddess sits on a headstone, holding the skeletal remains of some unfortunate sinner. Grave dirt, grass, and a rusted gate all contrast with Purgatori’s fiery presence as the vengeful vixen hungrily searches for her next victim.

The Purgatori 1:3 Scale Statue is fully sculpted to capture all the seductive details of this iconic Dynamite character. Purgatori’s crimson-skinned complexion is accented with black costume pieces with small gold elements, including her bikini top and bottom, a choker, long gloves, and thigh-high boots. Her red and black wings have veined details and large talons at each end, as a reminder of her deadliness. Purgatori’s portrait features sculpted black hair, striking yellow eyes, pointed horns, and vampire fangs peeking out behind parted red lips. The statue includes two distinct sets of swappable bangs for her portrait, allowing you to change up her hairstyle. Glossy paint adds an extra dimension of vibrancy to the display and an ankh necklace representing her past life completes her signature look.

Pair Purgatori with the Lady Death 1:3 Scale Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio, sold separately, for an epic tribute to two horror icons in comics.

A little new blood never hurt anybody! Inject some life into your collection and order the Purgatori 1:3 Scale Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio today.

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