Sideshow Collectibles Falls In Love With Batman And Catwoman

Batman and Catwoman have been inseparable in the modern age of comics and movies. Whether it’s in multiple film iterations of the Batman mythos or in the most recent comic stories featuring the two nearly getting married, the Bat and the Cat have become one of the most recognizable romances in superhero fiction today. Sideshow Collectibles is celebrating their long relationship with the announcement of a beautiful diorama statue featuring the two, which is available for preorder now! 

Both the Caped Crusader and the Femme Fatale are garbed in their modern costumes, giving current and new fans of the duo something to add to their collection. Standing at 20 inches tall, this diorama piece looks excellent. The sculpting of the two is spot-on, capturing both Batman’s stoicism and Catwoman’s playfulness. The dichotomy of the two is part of what makes these such an interesting pairing and that is on full display thanks to the artists over at Sideshow. 

The two stand atop a Gotham City rooftop, which looks in disrepair on the backend. This adds to the ambience of the statue, giving it a sense of location. Actually, every last bit of this statue adds to the whole, creating a stunning and timeless pairing of the star-crossed lovers of the DC Universe. I can’t wait to see this in person!

The Sideshow Collectibles Batman and Catwoman Diorama is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q2 – Q3, 2023. 

“We’ve done this dance for a long time. Too long. Aren’t you at all curious?”

Sideshow presents the Batman and Catwoman Diorama, a dynamic DC Comics collectible celebrating one of the most iconic couples in Detective Comics history. 

Measuring 20” tall and 9.25” wide, this fully sculpted polystone DC statue depicts a Gotham City rooftop rendezvous with all the sensuality and playfulness that surrounds the relationship between the Dark Knight and his darling companion. Catwoman situates herself in front of her beau, mask off, and sultry smirk on. She’s clad in a black catsuit as she slings her signature bullwhip across Batman’s shoulders, back arched and eyes on the prize while she draws the Caped Crusader closer.

Stoic as ever, Batman looks away from Selina Kyle, although he can’t resist a soft touch at her waist. His black cape sweeps down and around them, shrouding the couple in their intimate nighttime embrace. They both stand upon a warm church, with the orange glow of its directional paint lighting fanning the flames of their evening encounter.

Honor their romantic legacy when you bring home the Batman and Catwoman Diorama today!

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