Sideshow Collectibles Is Feeling Lucky With Sixth Scale Dirty Harry Figure

Clint Eastwood’s most iconic roles have been getting some love recently from Sideshow Collectibles. They have already announced the preorder for the actor’s The Man With No Name character from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and another tough guy anti-hero will be joining him with the reveal of Harry Callahan from 1971’s Dirty Harry, also available for preorder right now. 

Dirty Harry spawned plenty of imitators, including four sequels of its own. Movie fans couldn’t get enough of Eastwood’s hard-edged Harry Callahan character, a police officer who got things done by any means necessary. Now, Sixth Scale collectors can finally add him to the collection with Sideshow’s wonderfully-crafted figure. 

The likeness of Eastwood is uncanny, capturing the actor at his peak. While there isn’t much in the way of accessories, what is included is crucial. Harry’s badge and classic pistol, a .44 Magnum, are what fans need the figure to have, so have no worries. The tailoring of Harry’s outfit looks well-done, so as far as Dirty Harry figures go, this looks to be the only one fans and collectors might ever need. 

The Sideshow Collectibles Dirty Harry – Harry Callahan Sixth Scale Figure is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q4, 2022 – Q1, 2023. 

“Now you know why they call me Dirty Harry: every dirty job that comes along.”

Sideshow presents the Harry Callahan Sixth Scale Figure, joining the Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection as a celebration of the actor’s extensive career in film.

Based on Clint Eastwood’s appearance in the action-thriller film Dirty Harry, the Harry Callahan Sixth Scale Figure features a carefully crafted portrait with the actor’s iconic scowl, perfect for staring down the criminals in your collection. This essential neo-noir antihero also wears a custom-tailored fabric costume including a shirt, pants, a burgundy vest, a striped tie, a belt, a herringbone jacket with elbow patches, and a shoulder holster that fits beneath the jacket.

The Harry Callahan Sixth Scale Figure is articulated to allow for numerous display options utilizing the accompanying additional hands and accessories. Callahan comes prepared for the job with a police badge, a wristwatch, and a .44 magnum pistol which fits into his shoulder holder. The figure also comes with seven hands in total, including a pair of fists, a pair of relaxed hands, a right pistol-holding hand, a left pistol-supporting hand, and a right hand for holding his badge. Pose this police inspector in dramatic and dynamic stances to recreate your favorite movie moments on your shelf.

You’ve gotta ask yourself one question — if you feel lucky, be sure to bring home the Harry Callahan Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow’s Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection today.

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