The Batman Takes A Ride On Hot Toys Sixth Scale Batcycle

Hot Toys is on quite the roll with their recently-revealed merchandise based on The Batman, which is currently ruling the box office all over the world. The newest film in the superhero franchise has already gotten the Sixth Scale treatment in both figure and accessory form, with The Batman himself and the Batsignal. Now, it’s time for the vehicles to get their turn, as Hot Toys has announced the preorder for the Batcycle!

While it didn’t get a whole lot of screen-time in the actual film, this new iteration of the Batcycle has gotten plenty of love in promotional materials. Who can blame the WB marketing department for wanting to get this vehicle out there, because it is a beauty. Hot Toys has done an excellent job recreating this bike in Sixth Scale. I’d even argue that if I didn’t know better, I’d have mistaken these promotional images for the real thing!

Measuring 16-inches long and coming complete with LED light-up features for the head and tail lights, this is going to go perfectly with the already-amazing looking Hot Toys Batman figure.  After seeing this Batcycle, I’m eager to see if the company will produce a 1:6 scale Batmobile. If the end product for that looks anything like this, I’’d be fully on-board.

The Hot Toys The Batman – Batcycle Sixth Scale Vehicle is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q2 -Q3, 2023. 

The Batman – 1/6th scale Batcycle Collectible Vehicle

The Batman movie has conquered the theaters worldwide! Beneath the tactical gear and eye black, the Caped Crusader is roaming the streets of Gotham City in Batcycle – the sleekest mode of transport at night. As a continuation of The Batman collection, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce the 1/6th scale Batcycle collectible vehicle that allows fans to race through the city.

Based off of the vehicle seen in The Batman movie, the one-sixth scale Batcycle Collectible Vehicle is recreated with extreme precision and fine painting applications, measures 42cm in length, features LED light up function design on head and tail lights, adjustable-degree handlebar, rotatable rubber wheels given a realistic tread pattern, also highly-accurate mechanical details showcased on the engine, frame, dashboard, and exhaust, comes with display bases.

The Batcycle vehicle will certainly bring your Batcave display onto a whole new level!

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