The Batmobile Arrives In 1:10 Scale With Iron Studios Art Scale Deluxe Statue

For a show that premiered nearly thirty years ago, Batman: The Animated Series has held on to it’s iconic nature in pop culture extremely well. The 1990s cartoon iteration of the Dark Knight is the definitive version of the character and his world for many fans, which is good news for Iron Studios. The Brazilian-based statue company has announced the preorder for their 1:10 scale Batman and the Batmobile statue, which is available now. 

Following up on their similar Batman/Batmobile Tenth Scale set that was based on the 1989 Tim Burton film, this looks to be yet another collector’s dream. Batman himself is spot-on to the Bruce Timm-designed look of the character. There’s just something about the clean, angular lines of this Caped Crusader that effortlessly conveys his strength and determination with but a glance. 

As marvelous as the hero himself is, the real star of the show here is the amazing recreation of the animated Batmobile. In awesome 1:10 scale, this beast of a vehicle measures 24-inches long and nearly 16-inches wide. Sculpted in polystone, this is one for the record books. I would have liked some light-up features on the headlights, but that’s a nitpick for what is essentially a masterpiece of a statue. 

Both the Batman and the Batmobile are available separately, but I’d definitely recommend getting the set if you want your collection to be complete!

The Iron Studios 1:10 Art Scale Batman: The Animated Series – Batman & Batmobile Deluxe Statue Set is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q1, 2023. Also, both the Iron Studios 1:10 Art Scale Batman: The Animated Series – Batman Statue and the Iron Studios 1:10 Art Scale Batman: The Animated Series – Batmobile Statue are available for preorder now and are both scheduled for release in Q1, 2023. 

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