The Mandalorian Comes To Life-Size With 1:1 Scale Bust From Sideshow Collectibles

May the 4th means it’s time to celebrate Star Wars and there’s no recent entry into the franchise more deserving of celebration than The Mandalorian. The Sci-Fi Western tale of a lone bounty hunter that harkens back to Boba Fett and his mythology has taken pop culture by storm in the last few years, so it’s no surprise we’re getting some amazing collectibles based on the show. The most recent is Sideshow Collectibles’ and Legacy Effects’ newest 1:1 scale bust of Din Djarin himself, which is available for preorder now!

I’m not usually a life-size bust collector. While I appreciate the artistic craft and expertise that goes into making them, there’s something about them that just doesn’t usually connect with me. However, this Mandalorian piece manages to hit the sweet spot. Armored characters like, say, Iron Man, Boba Fett or Din Djarin, tend to look absolutely amazing when in 1:1 scale, so I’m sure this is going to be an epic piece to have in any collection. 

It’s a small thing, but I really love that Sideshow and Legacy Effects decided to make the head on this bust movable. The Mandalorian’s subtle head tilts and leans are used to convey so much unspoken meaning in the show, so being able to recreate those with this piece is a welcome touch. 

The Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Din Djarin Life-Size Bust is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q4, 2002 – Q1, 2023. 

“I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.”

Sideshow presents The Mandalorian™ – Din Djarin™ Life-Size Bust, an epic 1:1 Star Wars™ collectible for fans of The Mandalorian™. Created in partnership with Legacy Effects, this intimidating bust captures the stoic presence of the fan-favorite bounty hunter like never before.

The Mandalorian – Din Djarin Life-Size Bust measures 33.5” tall and 27” wide as he remains vigilant searching for his next target. With rotational articulation in the helmet, collectors can directionally change his focus for added storytelling in any display. His sleek silver armor and costume elements are fully sculpted, recreating his now-iconic silhouette in fiberglass design. Din Djarin’s chest armor, helmet, bandolier, and even cape bear details of weathering and distress accumulated in his dangerous travels. Finally, his right shoulder pauldron features the unique mudhorn™ signet bestowed upon him by the Armorer™. For those who walk the Way of the Mandalore™, this is a must-have centerpiece in any galactic display.

Bring home the bounty and add The Mandalorian – Din Djarin Life-Size Bust to your Star Wars collection today.

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