Tweeterhead Gets The Last Laugh With Joker 1:4 Scale Maquette

When it comes to statues, there are a lot of choices out there for certain characters. Just like his nemesis Batman, the Joker is one of those iconic villains that has been made in statue form over and over. With that in mind, it’s fairly difficult to wow people when announcing a new one. Somehow, Tweeterhead have done just that, though, with the reveal of their new Quarter-Scale Joker Maquette, which is available for preorder now!

Perfectly sculpted with an insanely-detailed diorama throne and base, this Joker is actually a sealed-up version of Tweeterhead’s previously announced 1:6 scale Joker Maquette. This piece was already impressive at that slightly smaller size, so I can only imagine the amount of detail that will be evident with this Quarter Scale version!

If you’re a Joker fan, this is the ultimate piece to have. Not only do you get a wonderfully-crafted Joker figure in his classic comic book appearance, but the diorama is full of nods to the character’s history in multimedia. Keen-eyed fans will spot the camera from The Killing Joke, the gas mask from the 1989 Batman film, the crowbar from A Death in the Family and of course, the cape and cowl of his most hated enemy, the Batman. This is truly the only Joker statue you could ever need. At least until the next one, that is.

The Tweeterhead Joker Quarter Scale Maquette is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q2, 2023.

“Madness is an emergency exit. You can just step outside and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened.”

Sideshow and Tweeterhead present The Joker 1:4 Maquette, a crazy charming Sideshow exclusive statue to add to your DC Comics collection.

The Joker 1:4 Maquette measures 20” wide and about 26” tall when fully assembled — from the bottom of the base to the tippy top of the Batman’s cowl draped across the Clown Prince’s chair. This fully sculpted polyresin statue comes crammed with a bunch of trophies and toys from The Joker’s Gotham City escapades.

Armed with his gilded cane, a playing card, and bladed dress shoes, The Joker sits atop his personalized throne. He teeters precariously on a giant pile of spoils including money bags, gasoline tanks, bombs, and endless knick-knacks and knives. The maquette also includes an additional right hand holding a blade and an additional alternate style portrait, creating four total different ways you can display your newest Joker collectible. With so many Easter eggs and details, you’ll always find something new to love in this villainous piece!

For a scene of absolute chaos, pair him with the lovely Harley Quinn 1:4 Maquette by Sideshow and Tweeterhead — sold separately.

Packed full of dastardly details and dreadful delights, this absolutely bonkers Joker 1:4 Maquette by Tweeterhead is surely gonna put a smile on your face! Add him to your DC Comics collection today, exclusively available through Sideshow.

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