Iron Studios Brings Every Member Of Marvel’s The Eternals To 1:10 Scale

Iron Studios has revealed that they’re bringing the entire cast of Marvel’s The Eternals to their 1:10 Art Scale line with ten brand new statues! While The Eternals film was somewhat divisive among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the characters do have their fans, all of whom will be ecstatic to see them available for preorder now!

With a roster this deep, hesitation can sometimes kick in when collectibles are announced. There is usually no way to know if every member of a team or cast will be made, leaving an incomplete number of characters in a collection. So, the fact that Iron Studios has gone all in on the Eternals is a welcome change of pace. 

Every member of the team, from Ikaris to Thena to Makkari, are sculpted in beautifully dynamic action poses, all of them showing off each’s super powers. Even if this was one of your least favorite entries in the Marvel filmography, you have to admit that having all of these beside each other is going to make for an epic display! The vibrant colors of their costumes and spot-on likenesses to the actors combine to create masterfully-crafted pieces. 

All of the Iron Studios Marvel Studios: Eternals 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statues – Thena, Ikaris, Gilgamesh, Makkari, Sersi, Ajak, Sprite, Druig, Phastos, and Kingo – are available for preorder right now. All 10 of the statues are slated for release in Q2, 2023. 

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