Prime 1 Studio Gets The Last Laugh With New Concept Design Joker Statue

Comic book artist Jorge Jimenez has given maniacal life to Batman’s archenemy, the Joker, plenty of times within the pages of several Batman comics. Now, with the help of Prime 1 Studio, his rendition of the Clown Prince of Crime is coming to life in 1:3 scale as part of the company’s Museum Masterline series of statues! The piece is based on Jimenez’s artist concept and is available for preorder right now!

Seated on what appears to be a movie theater diorama base, the Joker has never looked more evil than he does here thanks to the amazing sculpt work and Jimenez’s expert art design. Everything from the wide, humorless grin on the villain’s face to the almost regal posture of his long, wiry body speaks volumes about just what the character’s mindset might be. 

As they always do, Prime 1 has given this release plenty of swap-out pieces which will allow collectors to enjoy a variety of display options. There are two sets of legs and three interchangeable right hands holding unique accessories such as Jokerized batarangs and a purple walking cane. 

There’s even an excellent bonus swap-out for his left hand, which is holding a half-Batman mask that somehow raises the creep factor even more! I cannot wait for this statue to be in my collection.

The Prime 1 Studio Museum Masterline DC Comics The Joker Concept Design by Jorge Jimenez 1/3 Scale Deluxe Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q3, 2023. 

“Prime 1 Studio artists have rendered a version of The Joker, both classic and contemporary, owed to the brilliant design by Jorge Jimenez. His trademark purple and green ensemble is both instantly recognizable yet fresh to the eyes. His hair is coiffed oh-so-perfectly in its green, wavy curls. And his face bears a sinister smile sure to be rife with disaster.

In this Deluxe Bonus Version, The Joker’s left-hand remains poised over his grin, as if to let us in on a dark and evil secret yet to be unleashed, while he holds two “jokerangs” in his right hand. Furthermore, his right hand can swap out to hold a Clown Mask or his trademark Joker Cane. His throne is quaintly theater-themed, as his hideout suggests, surrounded by the accouterments of the film…featuring a seat rendered as old, scarlet leather, reels of the film still in their canisters, and even a Cutie1 Batman plushie…maybe for The Joker to kick around? Additionally, his legs can be swapped out to portray a cross-legged Joker if you’re moved to change up his pose a bit.”

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