The Hunt Is On For Prime 1 Studio’s City Hunter Predator Museum Masterline Statue

Prime 1 Studio has already produced some epic 1:3 scale renditions of the classic Science Fiction movie monster, the Predator. Now, the company has just announced that they’re doing it again, this time with the classic City Hunter Predator from the first sequel, Predator 2! The Museum Masterline statue will bring this alien hunter to life in a terrifying way and it’s available for preorder right now!

Every time I think that there is no way that Prime 1 Studio can top themselves, they prove me embarrassingly wrong. This City Hunter piece looks so amazing. The attention paid to every last tiny detail of this character is mind-blowing. The figure stands over 40 inches tall and is jam-packed with swappable parts. Just look at the number of interchangeable hands, portraits and weapons included with this statue! It’s a Predator fans’ dream come true.

Growing up in the 1980s-1990s, the original 1987 Predator and it’s 1990 sequel were huge influences on my continued love of the Sci-Fi, Action and Horror genres. While the City Hunter from Predator 2 was never as intimidating as the Jungle Hunter, he still held up as a worthy successor. Being able to add this massive beast to the collection to honor these movies’ place in my memory is a welcome treat and I’m eager to get this in hand. 

The Prime 1 Studio Museum Masterline Predator 2 – City Hunter Predator 1:3 Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q3 – Q4, 2023.

“Maybe we should give him a job. Put him on the payroll.” – Detective Danny Archuleta

Prime 1 Studio proudly presents the next definitive masterwork in the Museum Masterline Series: the 1:3 scale MMPR-02: City Hunter Predator from Predator 2!

Set in an alternate future Los Angeles wracked with strife and ultra-violent urban warfare, Predator 2 is the cult-favorite sequel of 1987’s smash hit movie! The Predators, known as Yautja, are drawn to destinations soaked in the distinct miasma of conflict. And in Predator 2, it looks like this town is the City Hunter Predator’s hunting ground. And he’s in town with a few days to kill!

Standing majestically at over 41 inches tall, the City Hunter Predator is poised at the ready on a Yautja Ship Deck-themed base, clutching his iconic Combistick. With every iteration of Predator that Prime 1 Studio brings to their adoring, passionate fans, the attention to detail, both through sculpting and painting, increases exponentially! The Predator’s armor shows an experienced hunter with the battle damage to prove it. His skin comes alive with the unique markings on his scaly, leathery body. Words are simply not enough to describe the exquisite craftsmanship from his head quills to his immense, taloned feet.

This City Hunter Predator is packed to the quills with features! Prime 1 Studio’s amazing artists have equipped this Predator with every conceivable swappable part a dyed-in-the-wool Predator fan would love to have. He comes with, not one, but two swappable heads, with a display, stand to store the extra head. You can choose between a myriad of swappable right hands, even showing the Wristblades in different positions: retracted or extended. He even comes with a removable Razor Disk, to show whether he is about to throw it at an unsuspecting victim, or if he already has!

And to further sell the illusion, this City Hunter comes equipped with a fantastic, LED-Illuminated Wrist Control Panel, Helmet-Mounted Targeting Laser, and Shoulder-Mounted Plasmacaster. Fans get all these amazing features in this statue!

Any passionate fan of the Predator franchise will instinctively recognize this statue as an incredible value. So don’t wait on getting the City Hunter Predator! Capture him before it’s too late! 

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