Two Loki Variants Deliver Mischief With Two New Iron Studios Art Scale Statues

Of all the Marvel Studios shows on Disney+ to date, one could argue that Loki is definitely influencing the direction of the MCU the most. We’ve already seen both Spider-Man and Doctor Strange deal with the Multiverse and Variants of themselves, but let’s not forget that Loki did it first! As a testament of how well Loki handled the concept, two of the most popular alternate versions of the Trickster God are coming to 1:10 scale thanks to Iron Studios. Both Sylvie and Classic Loki statues have been announced and are available for preorder now!

Of all the different ways we could have been introduced to Loki Variants, going with a female version not even named “Loki” was certainly a surprising one! Sylvie stole the show for me with a captivating performance by actress Sophia Di Martino and Iron Studios has recreated the character nicely. The likeness of Di Martino is very good and I love the details that have been added to the piece. A decapitated Time Master head lying at Sylvia’s feet is truly perfection.

On the other extreme of the Variant scale, Classic Loki goes full comic-accurate, taking inspiration from the source material to give fans an older, jaded Loki played by Richard E. Grant. While the likeness could use some work, honestly, I do love everything else about the sculpt here. Iron Studios is even releasing a Deluxe Version of this piece, complete with a recreation of the Asgard illusion the character manifests in the Season Finale. 

The Iron Studios Loki – Sylvie Loki Variant 1:10 Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now. The Iron Studios Loki – Classic Loki Variant 1:10 Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now as well, in both a Standard Version and Deluxe Version. Both Variants are scheduled to release in Q2, 2023. 

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