Batman Goes Full Death Metal With Prime 1 Studio 1:3 Scale Statue

Prime 1 Studio has proven itself to be the master of high-end Batman statues, recreating the hero in various iterations that impress collectors the world over every time. Their newest entry continues that trend as they take on the Bat as he appeared in the Dark Nights: Death Metal comics. This is the most “Metal” Batman you’ll ever own and he’s available for preorder right now!

The 2020-2021 Dark Nights: Death Metal event miniseries from DC Comics is, quite frankly, a little confusing to describe. There are dark multiverses, evil Batmen, ancient primordial goddesses and every DC Comics superhero that has ever existed, all mashed up in an epic, insane story created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Suffice to say, such a crazy story would obviously beget a truly crazy take on the Caped Crusader and we get that in spades. 

Prime 1 Studio has done an amazing job recreating artist Capullo’s redesign of the Batman. Fully embracing the “Death Metal” tone, this Dark Knight is a hard rock, heavy metal, hardcore iteration, not afraid to wield a giant scythe, raise the dead with a Black Lantern power ring or wear a trench coat with spikes on the shoulders. The sculpt and paint work brings the hero to life, capturing every last detail, from the chained-up Robin minion to the undead zombies rising from their graves. I can’t wait to see this one with my own eyes!

The Prime 1 Studio Dark Nights: Death Metal Batman Museum Masterline DX Bonus Version 1:3 Scale Statue is available for preorder today and is slated for a Q4, 2023 release. 

“You know me. You don’t know Batman.”

Prime 1 Studio is extremely excited to be rocking one of the greatest Dark Knight designs of all time: the 1:3 Scale DEATH METAL BATMAN DELUXE BONUS VERSION from DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL!

Dark Nights: Death Metal was meant to end all previous storylines and universes into a single universe. With all of reality at stake, it is in the midst of this battlefield that we meet Death Metal Batman. This version of Batman is a head-banging, hard-rocking, lead-guitar soloist of doom as he goes head-to-head against the evil forces of the Darkest Knight, himself, The Batman Who Laughs!

Prime 1 Studio has crafted a Batman at his most dangerous! At a commanding 41 inches tall, he has shed every pretense of subtlety! Batman has covered himself in a grungy, bat-like leather trench coat with over large shoulder spikes, solid metal bracers with razor-sharp fins and an industrial strength utility belt chained to the toughest-looking, butt-kicking boots! In the books, his trench coat grants Batman the power to cloak himself from detection. The Dark Knight has taken it upon himself to become a post-apocalyptic Grim Reaper by wielding a giant scythe as his signature weapon! Most of all, he has found himself the owner of a powerful Black Lantern ring, allowing him to command an inexhaustible supply of reanimated corpses: his Undead Army!

Struggling against Batman is one of The Batman Who Laughs Robin Minions, clearly, quite upset at being captured and chained up like a rabid dog. They are surrounded by a small contingent of desiccated zombies and eldritch tentacles! All this, set against a backdrop of gothic ironwork, high-octane exhausts, realistic, bat-themed masonry…even a severed head on a pike! The skull of Barbatos, the Bat God, adorns this heavy metal, hard-rock, love letter to crazy statue bases!

Death Metal Batman Deluxe Version will come equipped with not one, not two, but FOUR (4) Batman heads and expressions, with one (1) display headstand, so that you can choose to display your Death Metal Batman with the most epic look possible. Not only that, as if it wasn’t menacing enough, Batman’s scythe will come with two (2) different blade versions, so you can switch them out to get the most dramatic look!

And when you order this Deluxe Bonus Version, will you receive a very cool, extra Bonus Part: a badass looking, fully covered Batman Head! And by the looks of how cool it is, it is totally worth it!

Take it from the passionate craftsmen at Prime 1 Studio, in the battle against the ultimate, universe and reality-ending evil…this Batman statue SHREDS HARDCORE!

Complete your ever-growing Dark Nights: Metal statue collection with this breathtaking addition today!

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