Iron Studios X-Men – Psylocke BDS 1:10 Art Scale Statue Review

In the Beginning

Iron Studios has been busy making X-Men fans’ dreams come true with their X-Men Versus Sentinel BDS Art Scale Line of Tenth Scale statues. The Brazilian-based company has been diving deep into the roster of the X-Men universe to give us some choice characters and this particular release is no different. Psylocke is a longtime member of the mutant superhero team and has gone through plenty of different looks and iterations. The character also comes as part of the larger X-Men Vs. Sentinel Diorama Statue #3, but we’ll be looking at the single release today. 


Psylocke is confusing. There’s no other way to put it, but I’ll try to explain. Born a mutant with the power of telepathy, which enables Betsy Braddock to read and control the minds of others, Psylocke is the younger sister of Brian Braddock, also known as Captain Britain. Although born a Caucasian British woman, Betsy would eventually find herself inhabiting the body of a female Japanese master assassin named Kwannon. The character, as a result, not only had immense psychic powers, but could kick your butt without breaking a sweat. The whys and hows are extremely convoluted, but suffice it to say that this iteration of Psylocke is the version this statue is based on. 

Eventually, Braddock would recreate (and return to) her original British body, while Kwannon would also return and inhabit her Japanese body, somehow keeping the telepathic powers of Betsy. Betsy, in modern comics, is also now the new Captain Britain, taking over for her brother, while Kwannon herself has taken over the now unclaimed moniker of Psylocke. I told you Psylocke was confusing!


The usual design of this series shows up again with this art box for Psylocke, which is clean and vibrant. Several promotional photos of Psylocke cover the packaging, while inside the pieces that make up the statue are held securely within two styrofoam trays taped together. Overall, collector-friendly and safely put together. No complaints to be had here!


Many of the statues in this X-Men line have pulled double duty, both being released as a single piece and as part of a larger diorama entry. Psylocke is one of those, which has forced Iron Studios to come up with a design that works both on it’s own but also makes sense with the character actively fighting a giant Sentinel robot. While in the larger piece, the heroine is situated high up on the robot’s leg, here we have her in the same pose, but hanging off of the remains of one if it’s forearms. Surprisingly, this design mostly works, though you’ll have to display her on a tall shelf to avoid crouching all the way down to admire the figure. 

The pose we have here, with Psylocke hanging off of a sword that she’s cut down through the Sentinel’s hand, is very cool. Psylocke’s figure looks great. The dynamic way that both her hair and her belt sash are flapping in the wind (?) adds some much-needed movement to this piece, while her graceful pose tells a story of a hero that knows how to use her training effectively. The translucent “psychic knife” energy effect sculpted to her left wrist is a nice touch that reminds you of her superpowers. 


The look of the oiled, beaten-down armor of the Sentinel arm is well-done, which is crucial to the entire piece as the Sentinels are the chief villains of the diorama series. There are so many sculpted details that would be lost if the paint weren’t working in tandem to push them to the surface, which it does successfully. The paint on the figure itself is solid, giving some depth and shading to Psylocke’s form, while still maintaining the comic-accurate color scheme. 


Psylocke’s base, the destroyed Sentinel forearm and hand she hangs off of, is a beauty. The area where her katana blade has come down through the robotic finger and hand is sculpted to perfection, capturing every little detail of the damage. The rest of the Sentinel remains look excellent, effectively conveying the worn-down nature of it.

The backside in particular is a sight to behold, showing us the complete innards of the forearm due to some sort of laser blast that has allegedly cleanly cut this forearm in two. As a bit of fun, Iron Studios has given another statue, that of Archangel, the matching half of this arm. 


Psylocke’s only accessory is an alternate katana blade, which is sculpted much shorter than her main one so as to not stick out the other side. This is meant as a display option, allowing for collectors who wish to display Psylocke and Archangel with their matching Sentinel arm-halves pressed against each other, joining the limb (sort of) back together. It’s a nice inclusion, but she looks so badass with the full blade sticking through that I’ll likely never use it. 


Overall, the statue is a solid piece of craftsmanship. Several pieces must be put together to create the final look, like Psylocke’s head and her lower right arm, but there are no visible seams thanks to Iron Studios’ clever design. It was a particularly harrowing experience placing the figure’s sword and right foot into place, which must be done simultaneously, as it at times felt like one of the two would break due to pressure. However, a happy ending was had and Psylocke looks top-notch. 

In the End

I love this Psylocke statue. It’s the perfect combination of a well-posed figure, a great-looking base and an all-around stellar paint job. The sword stabbing through the Sentinel hand is a highlight, but there are plenty more to be found with this entry in the X-Men Vs. Sentinel line. If you can still find this piece at your favorite local or online retailer, don’t hesitate to grab it.

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