Hot Toys Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse – Spider-Gwen 1:6 Scale Figure Review

In the Beginning

I’m a huge fan of the 2018 film, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. It is still my favorite Spider-Man movie, animated or not. While there were plenty of Third Party Sixth Scale figures of a few of the characters produced in the last couple of years, that wasn’t enough for me. I desperately needed an official release, if only to have the highest quality renditions of characters like Spider-Gwen here. Well, Hot Toys finally released her not long ago and, presumable any day now, Miles Morales will be joining her. Let’s take a look at the ever-popular Gwen Stacy in anticipation of that release. 


In the film, as in the original comic book source material, this Gwen Stacy comes from a parallel world, Earth-65. Unlike our world’s Gwen, who was killed by the Green Goblin as revenge against her lover Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, this version was the person bitten by a radioactive spider. After her best friend, her world’s Peter, died, she dedicated herself to being Spider-Woman. In the film, she’s pulled to Miles Morales’ world, Earth-1610, where she teams up with him and other variations of Spider-Man to save the Multiverse. One of those variations is Spider-Ham, an anthropomorphic cartoon pig who hails from Earth-8311. 


Hot Toys has captured the animated vibe of the film extremely well with this art box, which is wonderfully colorful and vibrant. Artwork of the two figures inside the box, Spider-Gwen and Spider-Ham, pose on the front, crackling with multiversal energy. On the back, we get a full-body Kingpin from the film, surrounded by a NYC skyline above and below him, along with the credits of everyone involved within the production of this release.

There are even more miniature images of Gwen and Spider-Ham along the sides of the slipcase cover. It’s a beautifully designed package that mirrors the fun figures inside. 


The figure includes two portraits, both of which immaculately recreate the character’s animated appearance from the film. The sculpted masked head comes with the hood attached, a hole at the bottom allowing for the neck to be placed through. The texture and design of the mask are a perfect match for that of the fabric outfit. 

The unmasked Gwen Stacy portrait is a true delight. Into the Spider-Verse’s cartoon designs are quite specific, so translating them to a three-dimensional action figure could have been difficult. Hot Toys sidesteps that concern completely, giving collectors an insane recreation of the character. 

The six pairs of swappable hands look good, also matching the texture of the fabric suit. Gwen’s ballet slipper-style shoes are a simple sculpt, but spot on to the source material.


Excellent sculpts deserve excellent paint and Spider-Gwen gets it in spades. The pearl white finish of her hood and portrait pops beautifully, while the vibrant pink and teal at various parts of her costume brighten up the figure. The unmasked portrait steals the show, succeeding at capturing Gwen’s animated likeness and the animator’s distinctive art design.


Gwen’s one-piece costume is Hot Toys’ usual high quality fabric, though this material feels particularly flexible and well-made. There’s plenty of stretch and flex, allowing for some great posing, yet it doesn’t bunch up or appear saggy anywhere. The texture is great, recreating the  tiny inverted triangles that dot the entire suit, and the screen-printed elements such as the pink and blue web design on her arms are crisply done. 


Gwen gets an extremely well-articulated underlying body for collectors to pose around, raising the fun factor of this release to a pretty high level. The outfit she wears has plenty of give and flexibility, despite how form-fitting it appears to be. A mixture of bicep cuts, thigh cuts, double-jointed knees and a torso with lots of lean and crunch give this figure a high range of movement.

I do wish her elbows weren’t single-jointed, though. Also, when wearing her sculpted hood, the lean and tilt in her otherwise excellent neck joint is limited. Ratchet joints in her hips and knees will allow for plenty of sturdy, long-lasting dynamic poses. 


Let’s get the minor accessories out of the way before addressing the star of the show. There are, of course, web-line effects, all standard for a Hot Toys Spider-person figure. Some extra wrist pegs are included, which I always appreciate.


Along with the aforementioned unmasked portrait, Gwen comes with a relaxed hood attachment, which fits comfortably around her neck. There’s a fabric, relaxed mask, made of the same synthetic fabric used on the figure’s outfit that she can hold in her hands. There’s a small smartphone and a circular-shaped make-up mirror, both allowing collectors to recreate key scenes from the film. 

A large, cardboard animated backdrop can be unfolded and placed so the bottom hugs the base stand. Several additional sound FX can be slotted into the backdrop, creating a sort of 3D background in the animated style of the movie. It feels quite sturdy and high quality.

Spider-Ham, of course, is included with this release. The figurine is immaculately sculpted, perfectly capturing the Looney Tunes type of animation the character sported in the movie. He’s a static figure, effectively a statue, but he has so much character and charm, the lack of articulation doesn’t concern me.

There are two peg holes underneath his feet that allow him to be pegged into a clear base, decorated with some animated drips of water, calling back to the character’s introductory scene. Spider-Ham gets his own background, as well, which fits perfectly with his sense of humor.

In The End

This is effectively a deluxe release from Hot Toys. There is so much packed in with Spider-Gwen, from the Spider-Ham figurine to an alternate portrait to a huge, beautiful backdrop. The figure itself has amazing articulation and sculpting, making for a fun time to be had displaying her. Overall, Sixth Scale figures don’t get much better than this. Grab Spider-Gwen while you can!

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