Hordak & Imp Become Masters Of The Universe Thanks To Art Scale Iron Studios Statue

The amount of popularity that the Masters of the Universe franchise has amassed in recent years is impressive. The 1983 line of action figures, as well as the cartoon universe based on it, were of course huge hits at the time, but only the diehard fans stuck with it since then. Now, however, between several shows on Netflix, a hit line of figures from Mattel and Iron Studios’ and Tweeterhead’s series of statues, the franchise is king again. On that note, Iron Studios has announced a new entry with the leader of the Evil Horde himself, Hordak, which is available for preorder now!

Hordak was unique in that not only was he the enemy of the heroes He-man and She-Ra, but also of the villains like Skeletor. While his old student, Skeletor, vied for dominion over Eternia, Hordak instead concentrated on the Etheria, which brought him to frequent odds with the Princess of Power, She-Ra. I always enjoyed the character and I’m excited to see getting a 1:10 scale statue. 

Iron Studios has not only sculpted the villain magnificently, but they’ve also included his pet Imp, which is a nice nod to the cartoon!

The Iron Studios Masters of the Universe – Hordak & Imp BDS 1:10 Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q2, 2023. 

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