Frequently Asked Questions

If you found your way here it means you probably have some questions about Toy Origin or the products we provide. Fear not, we have compiled a list of the some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from collectors just like you. This informative section of our website is split into easy to navigate & read sections such as: General Questions, Payments, and Shipping & Returns.

If you have a question that is not answered here please do not hesitate to Contact Us and a member of our Support Team will reply to your request in the order it is received within 48-hours or less. For more up to the minute updates on what's happening with us be sure to check us out on social media. Happy Collecting!

Often times when new collectibles are announced at comic conventions or otherwise it is not immediately that product solicitations begin. As soon as the product information is passed to us from our supplier(s) and pre-orders (or sale) of an item are officially open we will advertise this on our social media pages and this product will appear in the "Newest Items" here on our website.

If you are placing a Pre-Order with us our platform will request a 10% deposit (or more for select items) and applicable taxes based on your province that will be due via PayPal at the time of check-out to guarantee your reservation has been Confirmed in our system. The balance of your item cost will be due at time of release. (2) weeks prior to the release day you will be sent an e-mail Invoice reminder that your Balance is due in full.
Everyone changes their mind once in a while and we don't believe in punishing you for that. You can Cancel a Pre-Order at any item and move your Deposit to another item on our website. To do this, the previous order with your P/O will be cancelled and we will e-mail you a custom coupon code in the exact amount of your previous Pre-Order deposit that is now null & void. To discourage users from abusing this system and repeatedly ordering and cancelling items we have a (3) 'strike' system in place. If you cancel more than 3 Pre-Orders your Deposit on future P/O's will not be transferable to another item, sorry.

Our partner for Payment Plans,, allows the customer to customize the length of their Payment Plan anywhere from (1) month to (12) months. We recommend that the customer set the # of Months for their Payment Plan to the remaining number of months until the release of the product that they are securing a pre-order for.

All of the items listed here on our website @ are priced in USD currency and although we have a Currency Exchange tool here on our website (the top-right corner) is is simply for informational purposes. This tool will give you a rough idea of what your item will cost in a specific currency based on current exchange rates. When you attempt to Checkout / Place an Order or Pre-Order all items will be billed in USD.

The short answer is no, sorry. While we do offer Payment Plans these are intended for pre-order items that have an availability date many months from the date of solicitation. This allows the customer to pay monthly (or bi-weekly) towards an item leading up to the release date. Available payment methods for In Stock items are PayPal and Credit Card with more options coming soon!

Unfortunately at this time we do not have a retail store location or offer local pick-up. However, for local customers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) orders over $250 USD will be delivered by one of our courier's in person for speedy service!

During the Checkout process on our website you will have the option to Create An Account to Earn Reward Points, Track your Orders conveniently from the My Account area, get exclusive access to coupons & special promotions and much more. If you wish to create an account prior to placing an Order you can do so via the My Account page by clicking the "Register an Account" link.

Every order placed via will be shipped with a Packing List in-box so you can get a look at what is included with that shipment and what Order # was fulfilled if you have multiple pre-orders or Orders on file with us. All international shipments will include the correct paperwork as required by local customs for clearance and delivery.

To keep things fair for all of our customers we do not offer any bulk or wholesale discounts of any kind, sorry! You are welcome to purchase multiple quantity of an item if you wish but the price listed on our website is the price you (and everyone else) will pay.


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